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Rip Up The Road – When Flux met the Foals


Find out how Flux Broadcast were able to film and capture a 4k performance of The Foals live at Alexandra Palace for Convex Productions & Amazon.

Flux Broadcast has worked with some of the biggest names in rock, from The Foo Fighters to Metallica. But when Convex Productions and the Foals team got in touch and asked us to provide full broadcast support for their monumental show at Alexandra Palace in London, we got very excited indeed. Here was a chance to film one of our favourite bands in our home city and share it with the world. 

The only catch? We had one week to pull it all together…

Over the years, Foals have built a reputation for being one of the finest live bands of their generation. They bring the perfect combination of musical virtuosity and raw intensity, with intricate drum patterns and guitar riffs which can flash from delicate and beautiful to downright brutal in a heartbeat. 

Take this kind of act, set them in a venue with the history and scale of Alexandra Palace, then fill it with screaming fans and you have a recipe for a once in a lifetime show.

The Flux brief was simple. Capture every sweat drop, snare-snap and stage dive of this epic live event. 

The scale of the production meant bringing in our full gallery setup, with 16 Arri cameras all recording in razor sharp 4k. The challenge was to catch the full intensity of the gig and give the bands global audience a true sense of what they were missing.

A combination of jibs and tower cameras offered some breathtaking sweeps, taking in the unbelievable light show and sheer size of the audience, while robotic hot heads, steadicams, pit and onstage handheld cameras let us get up close and personal with the band. We placed cameras in the capacity crowd to keep the online audience as close to the action as humanly possible. Some brave Flux crew even filmed in the mosh pit for the full Foals experience!

It took over fifty crew working tirelessly onsite to pull this unbelievable live recording together. With a week to pull it together, this show has to be right up there with our favourite projects of all time.

Rip Up The Road is out now on Amazon music and is gathering some fantastic reviews across the film and music industry, and it’s a great example of what can be produced when partnering with Flux.

As we’ve said before; Flux loves a challenge, and this one was definitely worth it.