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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW


Starting a New Role Ahead of Lockdown


By Hannah King

I joined the Flux team as their new Client Relations Manager at the beginning of March. We had projects going ahead and things seemed to be ticking along (fairly) normally. Then of course, there was a global pandemic.

As everyone knows, things progressed quickly and before I could find my feet, we, along with many other production companies, had made the decision to work from home. I found it challenging at first. I had barely met my new colleagues and here I was, trying to figure out their ways of working and communicating, not to mention the inside jokes!

My impression of Flux during this pandemic is really all I’ve known. I was initially fascinated by the team’s ability to adapt to the new situation. After making sure that the health and safety of clients and staff was covered, we quickly developed an entirely remote way of working. Flux is a small team but a close one. Everyone knows exactly where they stand and exactly what they need to do; always prioritising the project at hand but also each other’s wellbeing.

At the start of April, our remote broadcasting solution was complete and the team began to put it into practice. Again, this didn’t come without its challenges! Start dates were being delayed and meetings cancelled but we had a clear strategy. Almost immediately, clients were interested and we have been fortunate enough to collaborate with some amazing brands and talent. A definite highlight was Kermode and Mayo’s Home Entertainment Service with the BBC. I was also so proud to see the team prioritising projects that would help raise money for Covid-19 related charities and also not being afraid to push themselves to innovate and try completely new things (see: 24 hour live, global conferences).

By May, it felt like we had gotten into a groove and we produced a second remote broadcasting pack, highlighting our ability to continue working as lockdown restrictions are lifted.

It’s been a really challenging and unusual way to begin a new role at a new company but it’s also been fascinating at the same time. I’ve enjoyed seeing the creative ideas people have come up with to make sure we deliver high quality content, in spite of all the obstacles that this pandemic has presented. It’s been a really difficult time in lots of ways for many people but I’m hopeful things will return to a kind of normality soon. I might finally be able to have those welcome drinks with the team!

3 things that have helped me while working remotely:

  • Getting started early. Personally, I prefer to dive into my to-do list first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. I find getting a project started means it’s easier to pick up after a quick breakfast break.
  • Keeping moving. Whether it’s in place of a morning commute or a short walk during my lunch break, keeping moving throughout the day has helped my physical and mental health greatly.
  • Dedicated work space. I’ve found it really important to differentiate the space at home between work and living as much as possible. I’ve tried to set my workspace up so that it resembles an office environment but in a way that doesn’t take over the whole space. I think it’s important to be able to find the right balance between keeping normal working hours and then taking time for myself.