About the project

The Foo Fighters are no strangers to festivals, well unless they turn up a month before they start… This impromptu arrival at Glastonbury by the band was none other than a secretly organised, surprise gig performed at The Cheese & Grain venue in Frome.

Flux Broadcast, working in partnership with Emer Patten and Epic Films & Creative, combined their talents to bring to life a thrilling Foo Fighters announcement of the band headlining Glastonbury and then playing a three hour live set of their hits.

Audience reaction

As the live stream was kept secret, the moment it went live saw a huge uptake in social traffic, and surging viewer interactivity as the announcement was revealed and the live music began. The entire event drew in over 4.5 million views on Facebook and 1.6 million on Twitter through the use of the Periscope Producer Platform. YouTube saw over 250,000 viewers and many praising comments for both the band and the event itself, with viewers excited by the announcement and impressed with both the quality and availability of the live performance across so many channels.

Behind the scenes

With only a modest budget, the need for secrecy and tight deadlines, the Flux Broadcast team worked tirelessly to organise and manage a technically complex event as well as providing high quality production equipment. As well as stunning visual and audio quality, the team maintained secure and reliable network delivery of the live stream through a combined satellite and 4G connection to the cloud, where the video was processed and broadcast to all platforms.

Epic Films & Creative