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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW

0203 695 6944

Connectivity Solutions for Broadcast

From anywhere on the planet, our connectivity solutions for broadcasting mean you’ll always reach your audience.

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We understand how important it is to stay connected in an ever connecting world. Our solutions and services ensure that no matter where you are on the planet we can bring your ideas to the world.

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IP Satellite

Flux Broadcast’s IP satellite solutions offer a robust and cost effective solution in locations where internet access is not available. Lightweight satellites, IP trucks and partnered professional backhaul create a service you can rely on in even the most remote location.

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Bonded 4G

Our bonded 4G solutions deliver data across a range of the biggest network providers in the world. Large antennas offer usability in populated areas and solid coverage from any location.

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Microwave Link

Flux Broadcast’s microwave links are ideal when you require high speeds without a cabled connection.

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DVB Satellite

Flux Broadcast use traditional KU and DVB Uplink and Downlink solutions for a range of features including primary and backup uplink to 4K technology. This means we can provide peerless outside broadcast quality and stability to the world’s leading broadcasters and MCR’s (Master Control Rooms).