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NearForm : 24hr Live WFH Conference








The Project

With Covid-19 presenting the events world with perhaps its biggest test to date, the team at Nearform, in conjunction with Github,  approached Flux Broadcast with a huge challenge. How could we bring together an entire global development community to take part in a 24 hour, chase the sun, remote conference on Twitch, whilst keeping the same impact and quality that their audiences expect from their physical events?

The Goal

Our client had been unimpressed by other, existing consumer software products, believing they lacked the desired level of quality, branding or ease of management. So, we wanted to adjust our digital solutions to provide the seamless, high quality event execution Nearform had come to expect from our physical setup. The #WFHconf project was all about making the impossible possible, connecting an entire community to clearly and effectively share important developments in information, projects, practices and lessons learned. Whether it was wellness, managing remote teams or making music, this was about bringing people together around the globe to have a mass shared experience that kept positivity and community as its core objective.

The Impact

The event would see not only technical challenges but show management as well. Being based on our foundations of quality, stability and best practice, our setup involved liaising, managing and testing the connection, video, audio and presentations of all 50+ global contributors around the clock, creating a schedule to suit their dial in participation from multiple time zones.

In creating this amazing 24 hours online experience, the global conference reached double the normal physical attendees amassing a fantastic 1.7K viewers around the world and a client who was so satisfied with the event outcome that they are already planning the next one, but don’t just take our word for it.

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We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Remote Production
  • Social Media Streamig
  • Broadcast Production
  • Live Streaming