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The Project:

Every once in a while, a project comes along which is not so much groundbreaking as totally earth shattering. Flux Broadcast teamed up with Netflix and digital creative agency, Tommy, to promote the streaming service’s next smash hit – Tribes of Europa. The result was a one-of-a-kind live stream – a competitive scavenger hunt spanning both virtual and physical realms and building to the most climactic finale. 

In The Race for the Cube, four Twitch influencers from across Europe were enlisted and supplied with cryptic props from the world of Tribes of Europa, as well as a mysterious cube – their physical connection to the problems and puzzles that would await. Forced to operate in a technological ‘black out’, the influencers had to rely on their own communities or ‘Tribes’ to help them decode messages and unlock secrets. Clues were scattered in far flung corners of the internet, with Chris Edwards, co-founder of Tommy saying, “we’ve utilised all sorts of digital trickery and the event is going to need every ounce of collective brainpower and internet knowledge”. 

Now add to that some serious live streaming expertise!

The Goal:

The Flux aim was to make sure that this hugely ambitious project went off smoothly, capturing all of the tension and high-stakes drama of the scavenger hunt format.

The influencers were based in the UK, Poland, Germany and Austria, each speaking in their native tongue, whilst the Flux crew worked remotely from London. We established a team for each influencer, complete with a Language Moderator, a Website Admin and a Vision Mix / Director. They were in constant contact with our Gallery, Audio and Project team to ensure maximum reliability and consistency in each locale. 

Each influencer had a unique camera feed, escape room microsite feed and GFX package, and our crew was able to monitor each stream at the same time on the same comms system. We then created crossover between the streams to ramp up audience excitement during the show’s finale, a split-screen, four-way heads-up challenge. 

Oh, and the unique, surprise content of the scavenger hunt meant no opportunities for rehearsals with the influencers!

The Impact:

It’s fair to say The Race for the Cube was a hit with Twitch audiences. 40k+ live views swelled to over 450k once word spread and chats were overflowing with positive comments, generating a huge amount of hype for Netflix and Tribes of Europa.

If you have an idea for a project – even if it has never been done before – get in touch. The Flux Tribe loves a challenge!

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Connectivity