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Twitch x ASOS: a-Squad Shopping Stream



The Project

You’ve heard of the A-Team? Well, as part of its new partnership with Twitch, ASOS assembled the a-SQUAD, a crack team of three gaming influencers tasked with fronting a Christmas ad campaign. A bit like the 80s TV show, just with fewer explosions and a more attractive cast…

Flux Broadcast was brought on board to produce the focal stream – a mashup of upbeat chat, live gameplay and outfit showcases.

The Goal

Engaged from the outset in a creative producer capacity, we created the run of show for the stream, including producing scripts and shot lists for VT content, handling talent and consulting on concepts. 

With great chemistry between the three experienced influencers, our aim was to create a fast paced, high-energy stream. We received all three influencer feeds, then mixed them and streamed to one channel. With all participants streaming remotely from separate countries, it was vital that we ensured low latency to enable a relaxed, conversational style. 

Three ‘tongue in cheek’ QVC-style selling sections showing ASOS designs, complete with various shopping channel audio beds, sound effects and animated graphics, kept the tone light and brought some serious laughs for the streamers and audience alike. 

The Impact

The Twitch/ASOS a-SQUAD crossover was a truly original concept. With over 100k views, seeing the positive response from the Twitch community to a new type of content – the fashion brand partnership showcase – was incredibly rewarding. Not only that, Twitch, ASOS, our influencers and Flux all had a fantastic time putting it together. 

If you have a product, if no one else can help, and if you can find us… maybe you can hire Flux Broadcast.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Script Writing
  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Connectivity