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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10 & 11
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW


OnePlus 7T Series



instagram viewers

5.5 million

twitter viewers

6.2 million

viewers intotal

The Project:

When OnePlus burst on to the mobile scene in 2013, it quickly earned a reputation for innovation and forward thinking. That’s a mindset Flux can really get behind. So, when they came to us to stream the OnePlus 7T launch event in London we were really excited to jump right in.

The event combined spectacular visuals with speeches and presentations in front of a live studio audience, which we then streamed across the globe.

The Goal:

We wanted to reflect the OnePlus ideals of smoothness and quality, so knew that visual slickness and style would be key to the project.

We had 45 crew on site for 3 days to prepare the perfect production. A 24ft jib crane offered sweeping shots of the stage and audience, conveying the scale of the event, while a 20ft track and dolly lent impact to our coverage. An 86-1 wide box lens meant we could capture every inch of the action. 

The multi-camera live translation in English, French and German reflected the entire production’s truly global feel. 

The Impact:

The results were really impressive. Over 70,000 viewers on Facebook, 150,000 on Instagram (with 80,000 likes) and over 450,000 garnered by the multi-camera delivery on YouTube. These combined with over 5.5m views on Twitter across 15 handles, for over 6.2m viewers around the world.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Broadcast Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Highlights Video's
  • Video Production