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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10 & 11
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW


Redbull – Studio Labs Live




Live labs completed


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1 Million

combined live views


Red Bull and Toddla T invited Flux down to the recording studio to help them with a special collaboration. A series of live events would see Toddla bringing in a host of unique musical talent to help him remix a track in just under an hour, with the live audience voting on key elements such as BPM or style.

The Flux challenge was to capture all the magic of the studio, in the most unobtrusive way possible. It would mean staying hidden from view, using cameras with a tiny footprint and doing everything by remote control…


Our goal was to streamline the setup and delivery to give the artists more freedom to create. They were already working against the clock, so the last thing they needed was us getting in their way! The cameras we used gave us full pan, tilt and zoom control and worked brilliantly in the low light and tight dimensions of the studio space. We even ran everything down a single fibre cable to further reduce our footprint.

Adding additional show lighting by means of Astera tubes created interesting shapes of light and brand colours in the background, helping the visuals to pop.

Our gallery and MCR also evolved to lend an extra level of graphic support for the show and allow the viewer to see the mixing software being used, whilst giving us the ability to scape the chat for comments and display them on screen.


By upscaling the cameras and adding in additional lighting we were able to give the content additional legacy outside of the broadcast, which meant that the Red Bull social media team had more content to push out during the weeks when the show wasn’t being broadcast.

The viewership and retention increased, with 1 million combined views, and the audience loved the new angles and the increased interactivity they created with equipment and talent.



We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Content Creation
  • Mobile Studio
  • Robotic Mini Cams
  • Video Production