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BASF – Quriosity Super Computer

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top secret location


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Leagas Delaney and BASF approached Flux with a unique project on the table. The supercomputer Quriosity was being launched and to celebrate BASF wanted to produce a slow tv broadcast for 24 hours as the machine was brought to life. The problem is no operators were allowed in the same room as the computer or at the top secret location overnight.

Our solution was to build a custom gallery with cameras and tracking working in tandem to one repeating macro over a 24 ┬áhour period. We also installed off site remote’s so after hours we could monitor and control the cameras, vision mix, graphics and streaming from one hub several miles down the road.


For 24 hours the gallery and camera set up worked flawlessly, with 0 faults on any of the systems despite each macro working independently of the others.

During the day the broadcast slowly gathered momentum gathering over 25,000 views from internal and external audiences.

In the words of Quriosity it was a great 10101110001010101010!!!

We delivered a range of services, including: