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The Project: 

TikTok joined forces with events company, Seen Presents, to host a series of in-person and virtual workshops aimed at educating TikTok influencers on the importance of mindful consumption and its impact on the environment. The workshops took place in the historic setting of The Violin Factory, London, and Flux was on hand to capture every moment. 

The Goal:

The old factory was transformed into a dynamic learning space, with each room hosting a different interactive workshop. Over 60 influencers and media figures were invited to participate in the hands-on activities. Highlights included a zero-waste cooking competition where a “rubbish chef” used discarded ingredients to create delicious dishes, and a fashion-forward workshop led by TikTok fashion influencer, Fashion Revolution, on second-hand clothing shopping.

To live stream each workshop straight to TikTok’s UK page, Flux set up five cameras around the venue, including three handhelds, one stationary camera at the back of each room and one remote controlled PTZ camera. We also used a roaming content camera operator to make sure not a single moment was missed.

The Impact:

The goal of this project was to raise awareness and inspire action towards a more mindful and sustainable future, and the success of the workshops proved that TikTok and Seen Presents are leaders in promoting environmental activism and education.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Vision Mix
  • Outside Broadcast Facilities