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Coca-Cola: Real Magic

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The Brief


Twitch exclusively approached Flux Broadcast to help them deliver Coca Cola’s first global campaign in five years. 


The task was to work with eight different streamers from every corner of the globe, creating a live, interactive experience for the influencer and their audience. Each stream would see the influencer’s channel ‘invaded’ by the orc from the ‘We’re one Coke away…’ ad, who would then challenge them to solve his puzzles. Each success would unlock a unique code, which would allow fans to win millions in Twitch Bits.


Oh, and we had three weeks to bring it all together… 

The Solution


We worked with game design agency, Koko, to create three unique puzzles that could be controlled using emotes in the chat. The games would see the talent solving cryptic words, moving tiles to reveal images and playing a classic game of good ol’ connect four! Also, each stream was translated into a regional language so all the graphics and clues for each challenge had to be totally unique. 

The Impact 


The impact was spectacular. The project had over 5 million combined views across the campaign and the orc emote was spammed over a million times. As a result, Flux Creative Producer, Chris, is now known as ‘Mr Orc’ to everyone involved, whether he likes it or not!

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Gaming
  • Remote Broadcast
  • Graphics
  • Live Streaming
  • Vision Mix