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Blood Red Sky

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The Brief

To promote the launch of Netflix’s latest vampire horror film, Blood Red Sky, Tommy and Netflix tasked Flux Broadcast with producing a live stream event with real bite.


The challenge was to put together a live, hidden camera, choose-your-own-adventure style broadcast with German streamer HollyLP. Everything had to happen within a strict 30 minute window, with the Twitch audience determining the actions and responses of actors on a plane taken straight from the set of the film.

The Flux solution would have to be… bloody good.

The Solution 

Working seamlessly with a team in Berlin, we designed and produced a robust shooting script and run of show which allowed the audience full interactivity through a series of multiple choice options. We liaised closely with the actors involved to find the best ways to cue them to keep the action moving smoothly and counter the inevitable unexpected decisions put forward by the Twitch audience!

Multiple feeds from a mixture of mini cameras and PTZ located around the plane gave the audience and HollyLP full access to the action and ramped up the tension for the show’s climax.

The Impact


With over 10,000 live viewers and over 100,000 in total, this unique activation had a fang-tastic response (sorry) and definitely pushed the boundaries of what is deemed possible in this sort of promo event. Flux would love to be involved in re-vamp-ing it for the sequel!

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Interactive
  • Film Promotion
  • Netflix
  • Immersive
  • Social Media
  • Twitch