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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10 & 11
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW


Ferrari Esports Series 2023

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The Project

For the next instalment of there thrilling esports series Ferrari approached Flux, Blacklist Creative and Epic Lan to help elevate their long running sim racing  tournament.

The brief was simple, the show needed to be updated with a new look and feel as well as doubling the engagement and player metrics…maybe not so simple, but the team at Flux can never say no to a challenge.

The Goal

Working in tandem with Blacklist and Epic, saw the talented trio of companies rebuild the tournament from the ground up, creating a new set of foundations for the tournament to grow upon.

Epic Lan brought an amazing knowledge of esports to the table as well as tournament management and a custom platform for players, whilst Blacklist worked closely with Ferrari redesigning the entire competition, marketing and comms structure of the project.

With this in hand, Flux created 6 live shows within a London studio, spread across a 6 month window. We designed and built the set’s whilst writing the show’s scripts and running orders. On site our flyaway PPU was front and centre, tying together our location gallery, cameras and grip.

The Impact

Over the course of the series the teams saw an increase in player numbers and interest, our approach allowed Ferrari to have authentic numbers and data to use for future tournaments which had been missing from previous years.

The revamped set and relaxed script opened the show up to new audiences, as there was more of a focus on entertainment than hardcore sim racing.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • E-Sports
  • Gaming
  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Video Production