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Pokémon EUIC Finals

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The Project


This April the Excel Centre in London once more hosted a titanic clash between some of the world’s best esports competitors. Hot on the heels of 2022’s World Masters Event, The Pokémon EUIC Finals saw three days of epic action across each exciting format of Pokémon gaming.


Flux Broadcast was on hand to stream every high impact moment to a spellbound global audience. 

The Goal


The event featured competitions for four exciting formats: Pokémon Trading Card Game, Pokémon Video Game Championship, Pokémon GO, and Pokémon UNITE. The challenge was to present each of these aspects in the most exciting and accessible way possible.


To make it happen we broke down the back of house into four specialised production galleries: one each for the video game, trading card and GO competitions, with the fourth acting as a central hub for vision control and coding. This hub also housed our Ross Ultrix, which acted as brain and routed feeds to the three other galleries. We used a Blackmagic setup for the gallery and cameras including the Constellation 8k vision mixer and Ursa G2 cameras.


As well as three jibs and 30 cameras, Flux had 60 crew on site to ensure the event went off without a hitch, including an incredible B-roll and editing squad who rapidly produced content for VT playback and social delivery. 

The Impact


The whole competition was a massive success with over 2 million combined views across various accounts and channels. 


We also want to give a huge shout out to our amazing crew who pulled long hours throughout – including three days pre event to rig and test – and never once let their standards drop. A team this good is rarer than a Rainbow Charizard.

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