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Netflix: Rebel Moon






Ears of corn harvested



The Challenge

To celebrate the launch of Zac Snyder’s latest Sci-Fi epic ‘Rebel Moon’ Tommy and Netflix approached Flux with a very unique challenge. Produce and deliver a live show featuring six of Germany’s top influencers as they play a custom built Farming Simulator map of Veldt.

The show would need to run for four hours, using a custom built map with triggers to impact and challenge the amount of wheat our team could harvest. This would then need to be streamed to six independent twitch accounts before mixing to a single master feed.

With the Imperium watching the sky, the talent and the production team had to work remotely so a seamless and robust solution was engineered to produce an incredible experience for the talent and audience.

The Solution

The biggest challenge the team at Flux had to overcome was turning Farm Simulator into a more typical esports product. The game already had a multiplayer feature but it lacked a spectator mode which was vital to help tell the story and create a more immersive experience.

Our solution was to build the game in the cloud, using AWS and a windows framework we created 11 virtual machines for our talent and cam ops to join.

These 11 feeds were then sent back to our MCR in London to create the main TX adding in additional graphics, VT’s and audio, elevating the show to another level and adding in that extra level of polish to enhance the engagement and immersive experience for the audience.

The Impact

With over a combined 100,000 views and over 1 million watched minutes the broadcast was a huge success, our six rebel influencers helped deliver a world first with Farming Simulator and managed to save Veldt.

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