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The Project

Energy drinks and global media company, Red Bull, have long been known for pushing boundaries and doing things a little differently. These are two things we at Flux Broadcast can really get behind, so a chance to collaborate was just too good to miss.

Red Bull asked us to film their Red Bull Switch Up sports event, to boost engagement and bring a fresh new aspect to this growing sport. Switch Up is the ultimate 4×4 netball tournament held in The Copper Box Arena, Olympic Park. This fast and furious variation on netball pushes players to the limits and allows anyone to shoot, which meant there was plenty of action for Flux to keep up with!

The Goal

Our task was to film 74 netball teams made up of both amateur and professional players, all competing in multiple five minute rounds to progress to a live final. Instantly, we knew the goal had to be to present a live stream that captured the high energy, high stakes nature of the event.

We used four large sensor cameras, 4K broadcast lenses and roaming RF operators, which enabled us to provide the powerful, stylised look and feel that is synonymous with Red Bull. The live event encompassed live production, graphics, live commentary and VT packages for the end broadcast.

In a race against the clock the Flux Broadcast team worked tirelessly prior to the event to build dynamic graphics, scripts, storyboards and production schedules, or in other words, put the foundations in place for an incredible visual event. These sorts of challenges are the reason we love what we do and the vast experience of our team on the ground meant we could capture and live edit a range of short form VT packages including highlights content, team profiles and on the court action.


The Impact

Capturing and adapting to the ever-changing and unpredictable live sport environment is a challenge Flux thrives on. We’re proud of the flexible approach, attention to detail and drive to deliver incredible content, which meant we could deliver a product which exceeded the expectations of Red Bull, England Netball and even the viewers themselves.

Red Bull and England Netball received extremely positive feedback and exposure to thousands of new fans. The social stream had over 54,000 live viewers on the England Netball Facebook page, (which is a huge rise on the normal netball viewership) and the Flux team had super fast reactions, culminating in the installation of a full OB studio, the creation of on the spot VT and a turnaround within hours, ready for delivery to the live event. Find out more about our work, services> and live broadcast video production.


We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Broadcast Production
  • Live Streaming
  • Highlights Video's
  • Outside Broadcast Facilities