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After the success of our remote studio broadcast collaboration at Cannes Lion 18/19, Twitter once more approached Flux with their latest global venture. This time the challenge was to capture a number of ‘behind the tweets’ films with high profile artists, exploring the thinking behind their posts.

Due to the talent’s schedule, we had to create a rapid solution which was comfortable, quick to set up and would work in a variety of unique locations, some requiring a very small footprint.

With lighting, cameras, sound, and crew to consider, our team got busy creating a broadcast solution that could be easily rolled out at a moment’s notice.


Testing in advance at Flux HQ, a blueprint was put together involving camera and lighting placement that could be easily overlaid to the floor plan of any location. If that wasn’t available, a quick site visit with a tape measure would determine if any changes were needed.

Detailed prior planning would mean that once on site, a dedicated team could get to work on the camera, audio and lighting plan, setting up in record time.


With Flux’s hard working crew on-site, Twitter was able to capture all the required content for the edit with the artist easily moving on and off set whilst having a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Once the shoot was complete, rushes were handed over and immediately sent to the editing team so the content could be released as quickly as possible.

Our efficient workflow and attention to detail allowed us to work to some really tight deadlines, whilst keeping Twitter feeling relaxed and confident throughout the entire production process.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Twitter
  • Short Film
  • Content Creation
  • Video Production