About the project

Looking for an innovative way to promote their new hybrid car models, Mercedes-Benz with VICE approached creative agency Unit 9 with an idea to film a live advertisement. The result was “Now has arrived”, the world’s first live commercial that constantly changed over a period of 12 hours. The film combined artistic performances, data visualisation and live cameras, streaming entirely to YouTube throughout the day with a series of 15 minute clips to Facebook.


Flux were brought in by Unit 9 at an early stage in the project to help consult on a number of areas, including technical equipment and suitable venues, live streaming delivery and project management. Flux also sourced production equipment with operating staff and worked with an external development agency to create visual effects used as part of the live advert. The team were on site throughout the event, managing and monitoring the multiple live streams to their respective social platforms.

Perhaps the most impressive thing was the Pre-visualisation supplied by Unit 9 for this project. Flux were asked to get as close to this as possible and we’re pretty happy with the end product… take a look at the pre-visualisation below

Audience reaction

The unique and highly artistic feel to the live advert attracted huge attention online, drawing in over 2 million viewers across the day on YouTube and hitting an incredible 18,000 concurrent viewers at its highest point. The 15 minute sessions that were broadcast live to Facebook drew between 300,000 – 400,000 each, culminating in a huge 1.5 million total viewers.