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Flux Broadcast, Unit 10 & 11
2 - 4 Ropley Street, London, E2 7SW


Remote Production

Open up a wider range of talent and locations to create more engaging content.

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Our Central London master control room is fully kitted out with everything needed for hybrid & remote productions

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Virtual Gallery

Our remote broadcast solution provides the power, functionality and quality of a TV studio setup without OB trucks or massed crew on site. All non essential location crew operate remotely, whilst a minimised presence at the venue rigs the equipment to relay to the virtual gallery.

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Remote Cameras

Hot head cameras and remote grips offer all the creativity and flexibility of manually operated cameras, whilst allowing the operator to work from anywhere. Full PTZ control over movement and functionality via IP or direct connection, means we can remove all crew from the show floor.

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Remote Grip

Our remote grip options allow us to increase production values by adding in moveable camera heads, free-roaming, and telescopic dollies, as well as wire cams and drones, meaning no matter where we are, we never have to compromise on the quality of coverage.

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Fixed Cameras

Where circumstances allow, we can bring in a range of high-spec, manually operated, fixed cameras, used in conjunction with strict working and social distancing guidelines. This approach combines creativity and flexibility with the utmost commitment to crew and talent safety at all times.

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Health & Safety

Our number one priority. All Flux crew adhere to strict working guidelines designed to keep themselves and others safe. They are fully briefed on project specific safety requirements before arriving on site, including all Health and Safety procedures and the correct use of PPE.

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Social Distancing

We can accommodate fully remote crewing and production team setups all working from home to create your broadcast or provide on site OB teams following strict social distancing policies, safe staggered rig schedules, single person workstations with 2m minimum distances for gallery and camera operation.