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The Brief

Throughout 2021, Twitch and Flux Broadcast worked hand in hand to deliver a huge range of interactive content, devising innovative ways to engage and energise viewers and pushing the platform’s growing audience to new levels.


Alongside our gaming partners, EPIC LAN, who support with project management and cloud based services, we form a formidable duo, like Batman and Superman, or Rick and Morty!


These successful collaborations can be showcased with three key projects



Dominos Pizza

Four individual live streams across a two-week period saw some awesome talent playing games, ordering from the menu live on air, and then chowing down when steaming hot pizza arrived at their door. All this while viewers earned the chance to win exclusive Dominos vouchers by engaging with an interactive chatbot during the show. Tasty.



Whatsapp wanted a fun and engaging way to promote cypher based security, so Flux stepped up to the mark. We devised a Whatsapp AI that would invade the streams of top gaming influencers. When stream sniping occurred, the AI would jump into action and block key visuals on screen to stop snipers getting the upper hand during competitive play. We also had the A.I. come to life in the chat, talking to viewers and dealing out the ban hammers when needed!


The Division –  Hearts on Fire:


To promote the release of Hearts on Fire, the latest Audible audio drama set in the world of The Division, Flux was tasked with creating a live stream to deep dive into the world of the games. Combining live script reads, behind the scenes footage, prize giveaways and an interview with the director, the stream offered fans a unique insight into the audio drama format and its place within The Division universe. The talent even took up the challenge of a cosplay competition!

Each of these unique projects showcased Flux’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of what an audience expects from a live stream. Here’s to more collaborations, innovations and celebrations in 2022!  

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • E-Sports
  • Gaming
  • Remote Production
  • Live Streaming