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Under Armour : Steph Curry’s Tour




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The Project 

Twenty-four hours, two capital cities, four key locations and one NBA superstar. When Synergy and Under Armour tasked Flux Broadcast with documenting American basketball legend, Steph Curry, on his tour across Paris and London, you could say we ‘jumped’ at the chance.

Flux was asked to create content to be streamed via social media as Curry undertook a number of challenges and stunts at some of the world’s most famous landmarks. He would then visit local schools to teach students the art of the ‘Perfect Three Throw’.

The Goal

The challenge was to shoot and edit content at four locations in Paris and London, all within the space of 24 hours. Alongside this, we’d have to edit the captured content and get it live within two hours of each event – no simple task when you’re constantly on the move. Luckily, we had a Mobile Edit Suite and two roaming camera units.

The first stunt took place in Paris on a custom-built basketball court afloat on the River Seine near the Eiffel Tower. Steph Curry and Under Armour Ambassador Teddy Riner were tasked with shooting three pointers atop the floating court.  

The second stunt was in a Parisian school, where Curry gave a Three Point training session to students who are some of his most avid fans.

Following this, the team flew back to London to film and edit the third stunt. Beside London’s iconic Tower Bridge, Steph shot free throws in front of huge crowds.

The fourth and final stunt was filmed in Shoreditch and involved free throw training with the London Thundercats basketball team.

The Impact

All those hours in the Mobile Edit Suite definitely paid off. It’s a testament to the experience and talent of the Flux team that this super ambitious project went off without a hitch. The content received over 2 million views across social media channels and garnered loads of positive feedback from viewers, Under Armour and Steph Curry himself. Find out more about our work, services and event video production.

We delivered a range of services, including:

  • Content Creation
  • Mobile Studio
  • Video Production