Advertising Week Europe 2017

Every year, the brightest leaders in marketing, advertising, technology and entertainment meet to share their vision, passion and best practice. Once again, they chose Flux to bring their ideas to the world. Flux managed production on all 10 stages inside the Central London venue and broadcast all 175 seminars over the week, with topics ranging […]

Mercedes Benz

Unit 9: Mercedes E350 e Launch

Looking for an innovative way to promote their new hybrid car models, Mercedes-Benz with VICE approached creative agency Unit 9 with an idea to film a live advertisement. The result was “Now has arrived”, the world’s first live commercial that constantly changed over a period of 12 hours. The film combined artistic performances, data visualisation […]


McCann contacted us about a project they had coming up. The lovely folks at Shredded Wheat were running a competition for members of the public to win £150. Only they had to dive off of a diving board to get it. McCann and Shredded Wheat wanted the event to fit in with the recent #Shredded Television Advert, incorporating […]

Advertising Week: Asia

After being appointed to deliver 2016’s Advertising Week: Europe. The Ads Week team got back in touch, asking us to help out with their first ever foray into the Asian market. Advertising week Asia was hosted in Tokyo and Flux were asked to provide Live Streaming, Chaptering, Broadcast Production and the creation of 4 highlights videos […]


On the 11th of May 2016, Pavegen unveiled the latest iteration of its energy-generating technology, revolutionising the way the company and product operate in a pivotal step for the business. The new Pavegen technology, known as V3, is sleeker and far more efficient. Generating over 200 times more power than the first model manufactured in 2009. […]

Advertising Week: Europe

Flux won the bid to be the production and streaming supplier for 2016’s edition of Advertising Week Europe. Featuring some of the biggest names in the advertising world. We were engaged with insightful discussions from a range of personalities, including Sir Martin Sorrell, Bernie Ecclestone, Anthony Joshua, Daisy Lowe and many more. Advertising Week Europe is […]